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Thursday, January 04, 2007


A. Lurker

It really isn't about how long you've lived here or whether or not you're a Local. It's about how well you fit into the area. Some people can move here from somewhere else, no matter how urban, and become "one of us". There's a mutual respect for the way each other lives. Other people hang onto an attitude that suggests to us that they think we are not as smart or worldly as they are and therefore that makes us ignorant. Reading some of your older posts makes that attitude quite clear. Yes, you are a curmudgeon, but it's obvious not a local one and you never will be no matter how long you live here. Your site is so full of erroneous information that your readers are getting lots of chuckles! It's just about as entertaining as the Olive Press!

A. Lurker, Jr.

Blog author comments on the Olive Press and its layout and/or its content AS WELL AS other comments questioning the Blog author's belonging in this community BOTH distract from an issue I'm interested in hearing real dialogue on. What is the developmental impact that is so deeply feared? Honestly, I really want to know. It does seem that many good and hard-working people (my friends at least) are beyond struggling to make ends meet. On the other hand, how much employment would Gitter's development really generate? Honestly, I really want to know.


Gitter’s Folly

Anyone who attended the many hours of hearings on the Crossroads project may have a sense of what the brouhaha is all about. Environmental, economic social and cultural impacts were all clearly presented during these hearings but apparently never addressed in the plan Mr.Gitter proposed. Much of the outrage and opposition is based on Gitter’s complete disregard for many of the considerations any reputable and environmentally concerned developer would have addressed. It is with this arrogance that Mr.Gitter usually alienates most everyone in the room.

Economic opportunities? That should read... opportunities are for the chosen few. The rest of us can fight over the room cleaning, green tending, dishwashing, landscaping and other low-wage jobs this project so willfully promotes. "What type of club would you like for this shot, sir?" I’ve never seen any real demographics about the pay and the jobs to be made available from this proposal compared to the status of the current workforce and the cost of living in the area. Can a workforce of low paying jobs really afford to live here?

If Mr.Gitter really wanted to fulfill the economic needs of this area he would have done better to buy properties in the economically deprived villages of Pine Hill and Fleischmann’s. Building upon that which exists rather than create some type of Catskills Disneyland for those who can afford half a mil on a weekend home. In fact, the original plan was to re-create the historic village of Fleischmann’s…but in the middle of the forest!!

Gitter would have had little environmental opposition and a real opportunity to provide economic development if he had simply invested within these existing villages. It would have provided various small business opportunities, year round growth and good paying jobs for local working people. There are numerous vacant buildings and old hotels in these towns desperately in need of renovation and repair. Instead Gitter creates a fantasy development plan that destroys hundreds of acres of virgin Catskill forest, is totally self-contained, and creates unsustainable, low paying jobs while placing undue burdens on town, county and state services.

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