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Tuesday, January 02, 2007



As for Dean Gitter the people in this community - less you - don't want his presence known here. We choose to live here to be away from industry and tourism and new development. We are here because we DON'T WANT IT!! We don't want more traffic, we don't want more people, why is that so hard for "city" people to understand? And as for your comments regarding the Olive Press, not everyone has a degree from NYU or Cornell, perhaps if you are so willing to be critical of it; why not submit a letter to the editor of the olive press, signed with your name, instead of hiding behind your extravagent internet blog. You seem to forget who you are "talking" to - You are among the community of bad spellers and people who can't layout pages in a newspaper the right way.
We aren't talking about the The New York Times here, which I am sure you pride yourself on reading every sunday over tea, this is the Olive Press, a small town newspaper written by small towns people. I guess my point is - all you seem to do in this forum is complain about every single solitary thing you can dig up. . .(regarding the Town of Olive; esp. West Shokan)- and to be honest and even speak for quite a few of the towns people we don't appreciate the ranting and raving. Your silence throughout this past Holiday Season was truly a gift from Santa.

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